From digital to traditional, from editorial to wall art and packaging illustration, my works can take as many forms as needed. My illustrations are characterised by a colourful palette, playful bold shapes, fluid lines and a great use of contrast.

Graphic Design

Branding, logos, covers and poster design. I will experiment with various techniques, in order to find out what defines your brand and to bring those particularities up to the surface.

Portfolio preview

A brief selection of some of my recent projects.

Frequency of projects

Estimated percentages of my recent projects, depending on the field of activity and the sercives provided.

Branding, Logo & Poster Design

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If you’re looking for an illustrator or a graphic designer for a commisioned project, a new collaboration or simply want to say hello, don’t be shy and leave me a note :).

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    Display your work in a bold & confident manner. Sometimes it’s easy for your creativity to stand out from the crowd.